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Our reforestation plan in Panama aims to plant and maintain a sustainable forest on a 50-hectare property, while also offering a unique eco-tourism experience. The plan includes the creation of an off-the-grid glamping ground where individuals can purchase a timeshare to stay for 10 days a year. The Glampground will provide a comfortable and luxurious camping experience while also promoting environmental conservation and education.

oasis reforestation and glamping timeshare in panama design.png
Foggy Forest


This poject offers a unique opportunity to promote environmental conservation while also providing a unique and luxurious eco-tourism experience. With the combination of reforestation and eco-tourism, this project has the potential to not only generate significant revenue, but also make a positive impact on the environment and the local community.


To become a leader in sustainable and eco-friendly tourism in panama. Our business aims to create a unique and authentic vacation experience for customers, while also supporting environmental conservation efforts through reforestation.

oasis reforestation and glamping timeshare in panama.png
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