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Are you looking for an investment opportunity that not only generates revenue, but also makes a positive impact on the environment? Join us in our vision to create a harmonious balance between nature and tourism, invest in OASIS and be a part of something that truly makes a difference."

Be a founder

  1. As an initial offering we 50 founders can purchase a timeshare for the project, which allows them to stay for 10 days a year in one of our luxury camping accommodations and participate in a percentage of future profits. Initial 50 Timeshares will be sold for $25,000 per share.

Investment Package: Eco-Innovator

Investment Amount: $20,000



1. Equity Stake:

   - A certain percentage of equity in the company, offering a share in the profits and any potential future sale of the business.


2. Annual Stay:

   - Complimentary 10-day annual stay at the glamping site, allowing investors to experience the business firsthand.


3. Founder Recognition:

   - Name recognition on a dedicated “Founders Wall” at the property and on the company’s website.


4. Priority Booking:

   - Priority access to booking, allowing investors to reserve their stays before availability is opened to the general public.





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